5 Signs You Need a Home Painter as Soon as Yesterday

When the white walls make you yawn or the blue wall in the bedroom is not appealing to your senses anymore, you may decide to find house painters.

It’s not a coincidence that painting is included in nearly all home remodeling projects. It’s the easy way to transform the interior and boost our positivity. Simply put, we decide to paint the house just for the fun of changing colors and refreshing the interior.

But more often than not, we are forced to find home painters. And if we realize that there’s a need to refresh the house, all is well. What happens is that we often miss to see the signs, which actually scream their hearts out, telling us it is time to take action.

Why is this so important? Because a home painting job is much more than improving the looks of the interior. It’s about making the indoor environment healthier too. And you know what? Some of the signs we don’t see or don’t pay attention to are not as innocent as we think.

So, which are the signs which should make you find a house painting company ASAY?

Peeling Paint

interior paintingHow long has it been since your last interior painting? When time goes by and depending on the conditions indoors (humidity), the old paints may crack and peel. This may also happen when the temps are extreme – no wonder you’ll notice some cracking paints around radiators.

Extensive or not, flaking paint is not good. It’s not good aesthetically speaking; it’s not good for the structure either. With the paint acting as the first layer of defense, the building material – whether drywall or else, is exposed to all conditions. Damage may worsen, forcing you to even replace drywall, while the material will easily absorb moisture with truly disastrous effects. Isn’t it better to organize your home interior painting before things get out of hand?

Drywall damage

Drywall damage is often noticed. Let’s say there was a water leakage. It’s hard not to notice the effects on drywall. On such occasions, finding painters quickly is mandatory.

Apart from the necessity of making the interior appealing again, there’s a need for drywall repairs – often replacement too. So, this is mandatory.

Which are the things we often neglect or fail to see? Limited drywall damage, like some bruises where the door knob hits. Corner damage. Some cracks around the crown molding or base. How about if you decide to rearrange the wall art? Isn’t it better to have all the nail holes, the cracks, chips and damage created by pooling nails fixed and then the surface painted?

Stains and discolorations

If you see some ceiling or wall discolorations – any sort of stain, pay attention. This is most likely a sign of a leak. The sooner you realize what changed the color of your walls and ceiling, the better – especially, if this truly a leakage. And even if you have recently fixed a leak, the stain won’t look good, while the dangers lurking – if the surface is still wet – point to one direction. Mold.

Mold infestation

water damageMold may be noticed around windows, after water damage, or in the bathroom. It’s never good. It’s not good for your health. Of course, it’s an eyesore too. In such cases, you need painters that can really scrape and fix, before they refinish the wall – also, apply more resistant paints, especially if this is a high-moisture room (like the bathroom).

Fading colors

It’s easy to notice the fading paint when the color is dark. But whites get yellowish – you cannot really miss it. The color of surfaces exposed to natural light for long fades faster. We often fail to notice the fading colors, if there’s no damage. We are so busy with everything else and the walls are often covered with bookcases, art, furniture that we don’t notice the difference. But if it’s been a while since you last painted the interior, take a closer look. Your walls likely scream for some attention – a fresh coating, a new color, perhaps.

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