Drywall Sizes, Dimensions and Thickness

Getting the right drywall size for your next home improvement project is of the essence. Today, there are various sizes available on the market but your choice mainly depends on the application and what type of drywall you want. Read More

Beauty of Paint Patterns and Techniques

Painting walls is the best thing you can do to refresh them. No doubt. If you want to add a layer of marvel, you can use contrasting colors – something like painting black the trims and white the walls. Or painting one wall blue or red while leaving the rest white – hence, creating a focal point. Read More

Home Painting: What’s the Relation between Colors & Light?

Always pause and think about light before choosing colors for your interior painting job. You may fancy dark colors or be an all-white lover, but the results may disappoint. There’s a strong correlation between the indoor colors and light that immensely influences the finishing results. Read More

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