Beauty of Paint Patterns and Techniques

Painting walls is the best thing you can do to refresh them. No doubt. If you want to add a layer of marvel, you can use contrasting colors – something like painting black the trims and white the walls. Or painting one wall blue or red while leaving the rest white – hence, creating a focal point.

And then, there’s a way to really spice up the home interior. How? With paint patterns and trendy techniques that go beyond creating focal points around the home. They make unique rooms. They act as main wall decorations – often, pure forms of art.

Who said you need wallpaper installation to create wall pattern? You just need the right color, some sponges, brushes, and other tools – oh, the idea too. Now, if you could find some super-enthusiastic home painters too, it’d be even better. That’s because creating painting patterns is no easy task – let alone that it will take you forever if you don’t know what to do.

Of course, above all else stands the painting idea. But if you think about it, there’s nothing other than your personal taste and the home interior design to restrict your thoughts and imagination.

Painting stripes

painting patternsStripes are some of the popular painting patterns since they are interesting, add volume, and can be unique. Not all stripes are the same. Although most of them follow vertical paint strokes, there might be horizontal too. It will help you decide if you think of that: do you want to elongate the room in terms of width or height? They are usually straight lines of two colors – let’s say black and white. And although the stripes are usually thick – for easy painting too, they may also be thin. But the stripes may involve more colors and may not be straight lines but wavy or of unequal shapes.

Sponge painting

The sponge painting technique is one of the most effective methods to create texture, finesse, and interest. The results are attractive – to say the least, because you can use more than two colors and all parts of the sponge for a different effect. You just need to decide which color you want to stand out and use the rest to sponge to create the pattern you like. Sea sponges are ideal for such tasks since the patterns on the wall will vary. The surface can be as intense or subtle as you want it to be, but will be interesting any way you do it. The marvel of sponge painting is that it’s forgiving. Who can say if you sponged the wrong way?

Distressed walls

Distressed paintingDistressed painting techniques are superb if you like elegance but can’t deny that little something of the wabi-sabi style. It’s the best method if you like the antique look but want it to be fresh. It’s the way to go if you like the look of peeled paints – but not for real. Walls, furniture and all surfaces – as a matter of fact, can be distressed. And the final look may vary depending on the color, the number of colors used, the color combinations made. Also, depending on the technique. The distress appearance may be subtle or really intense to look like an old chipped and mottled wall.

When it comes to paint patterns, the choices range from stripes to polka dots and harlequin – and lots and lots of more designs in between. The pattern is the design in itself. Alternatively, you can make a difference with the painting technique – anything from color washing to simply using metallic colors to make a difference. The sky is the limit if you consider the colors, the possible combinations, the endless design ideas – just start by discovering what you like the most.

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