Drywall & Painting Ideas to Make the Best out of your Home Remodel

Drywall & Painting Ideas to Make the Best out of your Home Remodel

Folks hardly familiar with the world of drywall and painting, apart from knowing that half their home is built with drywall which is painted, may not think how these two industries combined can make a world of difference when it comes to home remodeling projects.

Not all home upgrades are the same. It depends on what is needed in the home – new windows, new doors, new flooring, new plumbing!!! There’s a lot one can do, especially if we are talking about complete home renovations. But even if this is a minor facelift, the project always involves painting and drywall repairs. That’s one way to look at it.

If you think about it, it makes absolute sense. Painting contractors stand first in line when any upgrade – minor or major, is in order. Guess who stands right beside them! Drywall contractors. Yes, indeed. Just think about it. Most interior walls in homes today are constructed with drywall. Ceilings as well. And since ceilings and walls are the first to be painted, drywall is first fixed. So, it makes sense to say that some drywall patching is almost always included in home remodels and such projects are always completed with a painting job.

Now, the interesting part is that you can do much more with drywall panels and painting techniques to make your home more functional and beautiful. You see, the constructions that can be made with drywall are truly numerous. And today, with drywall types ranging from standard to water resistant and fire retardant, this construction material can be brought into the bathroom and can be used in various ways.

Drywall design ideas can really blow your mind

drywall ceiling designs While drywall ceiling designs are not something new, it’s the fact that you can do anything you like that makes things interesting. The only restriction is the ceiling itself and all things regarding the room, and its size. For instance, you could use drywall to bring down the ceiling. But you wouldn’t want to do that if the room’s height is already limited.

But with a truly skilled drywall construction pro on your job – one that would take into account such details and would be enthusiastic enough to explore all design possibilities in your home, the ceiling could be really become a marvel.

A tray ceiling with hidden lighting may sound too cliché since you’ve already seen it around. But if you haven’t seen it in your home, why not? And then, the recessed sections created with drywall may follow an entirely different route than that of the usual rectangular shape. Or the ceiling of your living room may host a combination of shapes and patterns in all sizes, always with drywall.

Drywall can be more than your regular wall too. With drywall, walls may take all sorts of forms and shapes – whether to make an architectural statement or to act as the base for shelves. Naturally, drywall is used for the construction of bookcases, TV wall units or a combination of both. And that’s excellent because drywall is not expensive and the possibilities are numerous. Plus – and here comes function, drywall is the ideal construction material for the installation of spotlights whether in the ceiling or in the wall. Superb, isn’t it?

Painting is the last stroke of absolute decoration

drywall construction It’s true what they say. With painting alone, the home interior can be transformed. As long as the right prep work is done correctly and the colors are quality and to your liking, the home changes face and mood with only a few strokes. And when it comes to painting strokes, the techniques are multiple – vertical strokes, smooth strokes, parallel strokes, glazing…

Since nearly all materials can be painted, all surfaces can change looks – not just the walls and the ceilings. Surely, the windows and the doors. The trims too. But you can also paint furniture. Some old pieces of furniture you got so tired of or simply don’t like them anymore, you can paint. You can white wash them too.

The magic of color is that it transforms. It plays with lights. It can be used to create depth. Take these drywall bookcases, for example. You can paint the inner part black and leave the rest white. How about painting the columns found around the home a different color than that of the walls! How about giving your kitchen cabinets a facelift with a new baby blue or washed white! Drywall and paint colors combined can make homes marvelous, functional too.

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