Drywall – The Best Construction Material for Remodeling

Drywall – The Best Construction Material for Remodeling

Drywall is the go-to product for nearly all construction work. It’s broadly used for remodeling – home, office, or elsewhere and the material that will untie your hands in case you want custom structures.

Drywall installation became a norm when those in the construction business realized how easy it’s to use the material in nearly all jobs.

Consumers loved it due to its versatile character and low price. No wonder drywall is the number one construction material for remodeling projects.

Drywall makes remodeling easy

Drywall - The Best Construction Material for Remodeling

Drywall doesn’t cost much. Since all remodeling jobs do cost, it’s good to know that there’s a construction material out there that won’t drain you dry. Most of what you pay for a drywall job is for the labor work, not the material. And so, if you want to keep the remodeling budget down, you need to compare prices among drywall installation contractors.

Remodeling becomes easy not only due to the low price of drywall but also due to the different types of drywall. Generally speaking, drywall panels are made of gypsum and additives – that’s why the material is also known as gypsum wallboard, plasterboard, or Sheetrock – a brand’s name.

The different drywall types give you the opportunity to use the material at all parts of the home or business, whether there’s a requirement for fire-resistant or water-resistant materials.

The standard, white drywall boards are the simplest, cheapest, and best choices for all sorts of constructions where there are no requirements in terms of fire or moisture resistance.

Green drywall is moisture resistant. Such panels are reinforced with a special coating to resist moisture and so, such drywall types are preferred for basement, bathroom, and kitchen renovations.

 – While green boards are water resistant, purple drywall is waterproof. This means that purple boards may come in contact with water without getting damaged. Such boards are also resistant to mold and mildew.

Blue boards are similar to green boards, only enhanced to better resist water, mold, and moisture.

  While most drywall types contain paper, there’s also paperless drywall. Such boards contain fiberglass instead. This board is resistant to mold, moisture, and rotting.

Some drywall types are fire-resistant too. Where fire-resistant boards are required, like in commercial and apartment buildings, bedrooms, garages, and elsewhere, type X drywall and type C are great choices. They are thick and contain noncombustible fibers, allowing them to resist fire for at least one hour. Type C provides longer resistance and is considered better than type X.

 – There’s also soundproof drywall. These boards contain polymers, wood fibers, and gypsum in layers to reduce noise.

  There are also eco drywall boards, which are made of recycled materials.

The existence of so many drywall boards shows that there are choices for the walls and ceilings of all parts of a building, office, or home – any remodeling project.

Drywall is the best choice for numerous custom designs

Drywall - The Best Construction Material for Remodeling

As we’ve seen, there are various drywall types. What’s also important is that there are options among drywall dimensions – thickness, length, and width. One more factor that supports the idea of broadly using drywall in remodeling is that the boards can be easily cut and used for a number of applications and for all constructions.

Drywall contractors use boards for all projects. Since the boards can be cut, curved, and shaped in any form, the material is not only used for ceilings and walls but also for the construction of bookcases, partitions, booths, et cetera. And then, not all walls are straight and not all ceilings are flat. If you want a coffered ceiling to make a statement or if you want a vaulted ceiling after popcorn ceiling removal instead of simply finishing the substrate, drywall will be an excellent material for the job.

Drywall is also used when the remodeling involves the installation of recessed lighting. It’s used to leave a gap between the board and the ceiling to hide wiring – or to lower a high ceiling. Drywall can also be reinforced with metal braces if you want, for example, to create a bookcase and thus, want a construction that will hold the weight.

Drywall is versatile, as you can see. And you can pick the exact board you want in terms of resistance and dimensions for the job you want. It’s also vital that it is installed quickly – no delays for your renovation. And if there’s some damage tomorrow, you can do some drywall repairs or patching – whatever is needed. The vital thing is that problems have solutions too. What’s not to like about drywall?

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