Drywall Transformations to Bring Style Indoors

What’s your wall made of? Most likely, drywall. Known as a main construction material, drywall is broadly used for building walls and ceilings. In fact, this is such a common building material that the choices, nowadays, among types are truly sufficient to cover all needs – fire retard, water resistance, insulation, etc.

And so, we never think of drywall when it’s time to decorate the interior, while it’s actually the easy and cheap way to change the looks of your indoor environment and create some convenient structures. Should we give you some ideas?

Drywall ceilings bring charm & convenience

drywall repairCeiling drywall installation is broadly used, especially when there’s a wish to add pot lights. The extra advantage of having drywall overhead is that it creates space and not just for the light wiring but also ductwork and pipes. And so, you can have a beautiful drop ceiling and all the ugliness hidden above it.

Drywall can be replaced, repaired, and patched. And although it will require a drywall repair team and create quite some dust, it’s good to know that it can be removed. And then, the decoration choices are unlimited. Let’s take a look at that.

Drywall decorative ceilings

•   A drywall tray ceiling can add some interest in a room. Although a minimum of an 8′ height is required, the room will be comfortable if there isn’t much drop. Tray ceilings may be rectangular, oval, square – they follow the shape of the room. While they are built with lumber, they are dressed with drywall and either finished by simply taping and painting, or by adding moldings.

•   Drywall can also be used to create medallions at any size and shape. The design options are truly endless since you can cut and form the material to your satisfaction.

•   You can actually create all sorts of protruding, artistic ceiling designs with drywall which along with a beautiful interior painting color can truly make your interior superb.

•   You can also use drywall to create beams that will run across the ceiling, adding depth and texture. Or you can create coffered ceilings. As far cheaper than wood, drywall is always an excellent solution for ceiling decorations.

Drywall bookcases & shelving

drywall installationDid you know that you can actually build floor-to-ceiling bookcases? Shelving of any shape, design, and size? Don’t forget that drywall is a building material. If it can become your wall, it can also become your kitchen or living room shelving. It is a truly strong construction material and can be used for the creation of shelves at all parts of the house.

Drywall can also be used to create alcoves, which will likely be used as shelving. Or you can create benches and TV stands, creating a cohesiveness indoors.


Since you can install drywall of any size, you can use this building material to create partitioners. These are often needed at offices, but also at homes. Say you finish the basement and want to separate the space based on activity. You can use drywall. Or, you may have a big room, which must be split in two to create two bedrooms, or a guest room and a home office. Installing a wall is easy with drywall. All you need is a drywall contractor. It’s easy because you can place it wherever you like, decorate it as you like, remove it if you don’t need it anymore.

Transform drywall with paint patterns

As you can see, drywall can be used in many ways beyond interior walls. One more way to make the interior style even more interesting is to finish it in a different way. For example, you may choose a color wash, decorate with brick, or choose among the traditional textures, like orange peel or knockdown. These would work fine on an existing drywall too since they may cover imperfections.

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