House Painting! How to Transform without Spending a Lot

Yes, you know it. Painting changes the interior. It refreshes it. It makes it healthy. It makes it inviting. When it comes to frugal home improvements, painting is found at the top of the list. And that’s excellent. A white interior becomes whiter.

But how about if you are tired of the same old, same old? How about if you want to make some serious transformations indoors to truly feel the difference, but without spending much? Will a house painting still do the trick? Oh, yes! And we’ll tell you both why and how. Sitting comfortably?

The advantage of home painting & transforming without splurging

house paintingLet’s start by focusing on what interests you the most: money. There’s a reason why home painting is the remodeling trick to spruce up the interior. It doesn’t cost much.

Yes, there’s all sorts of things you can do to change the looks of your living room or bedroom, for example. You can rearrange the furniture, hang new curtains, add new throws, throw away the old and the damaged – the works. But if we are talking about more profound changes without spending much either, you cannot do better than interior painting. A new paint – even color, truly transforms.

Now, if you consider that the home painters do more than add paint, you can realize that the benefits of such improvements go beyond aesthetics. A quick example? They do drywall repairs. They fix imperfections. And so, not only do you get a beautiful environment but a healthy one too, without spending much.

What’s the key to transform? Or, how can paint transform your interior? Let’s see what you can do.

Dare to try new colors

Don’t feel imprisoned in your own self. Break the chains of the standard, the expected, the popular and make the home interior painting your own by daring with colors. No need to go all wild with intense and vibrant colors – although that would be an excellent idea. Just try different ideas.

Let’s say you are the monochromatic kind of person. Break the standard by adding a new color to your home palette. You can always experiment. That’s the beauty of painting. No need to paint the whole house yellow and then cry for a week. You can try colors in different rooms, based on your mood, the room’s activity, the space’s size, the natural light. Keep them for a few days, see how they work for you, and then make your decisions.

Bring in color contrasts

drywall contractorHow about contrasts? Black and white, for example. White walls, black trims – or vice versa. One color on the walls, one contrasting color on all trims and doors. Contrasts add drama. They fill the rooms with energy. They are vivid. They create a playful environment, without diminishing its elegance.

Reap the benefits of texture and accent walls

There’s a reason why accent walls are focal points. They stand out to accentuate. To do that, they are affluent in form and/or color – that’s why only one wall is enough. And so, it won’t cost you much to add brick, stone, or wallpaper on one wall.

How about texture? It’s the best way to liven up a room. To add depth, interest, an extra dimension. The visual effects are truly eye-catching, impressive, amazing. And the choices are quite endless. Some ideas for textured walls?

•   Wallpaper installation

•   Brick or stone installation

•   3-dimensional looks with paint applied with a flat plaster paddle

•   Painting one wall a bright color – yellow, green, black, red

•   Use a glossy paint for one wall

•   Wood panels installation

•   Paint patterns – harlequin, stencils, metallic, polka dots, stripes, color wash

Breathe life into old furniture

Don’t underestimate the effects of painting furniture. Should I point out the great results of kitchen cabinets painting? It’s the ultimate way to refresh the kitchen entirely and add life to the cabinets. And if you have old furniture around the house that could use a breath of new life, you could also paint them and see what a difference they make in the overall looks of your interior

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