“I Hate This Wall Color”: How to Skip Panic Attacks

So, the house painters left and finally, you are alone in the house. You and what seems to be a beige wall in the living room, when you made it very specific that you want white. WHITE. WHITE. WHITE. painting serviceYou decide to go to sleep and get another look in the daylight. But next morning, things look even worse. There’s beige all around (in all its glory) while the trims are rather purplish instead of gray. And then, you feel the panic attack growing in your chest and just want to scream how you hate the color at the top of your lungs, but don’t know whom at.

Well, choosing the wrong color is as easy as choosing the wrong home painter. Many things matter when it comes to selecting interior colors. And there are some things you can do to change the situation to the better if you find yourself in this impossible position. Care to learn?

What to consider before choosing interior painting colors

•   The existing wall colors! If you are changing the existing color of the wall, you need to remember that the new shade won’t look the same as the sample, especially if the current hue is rather dark or intense.

•   There are hundreds and hundreds of colors available and only microscopic differences between some pink and white hues, for example. So, if you choose too light or too dark shades of a particular color family, be careful not to step in the next color zone.

•   Colors look darker on the wall than the sample. That’s because the surface is larger. Now, if you paint two hands, the color will be even darker.

•   Always consider the effects of natural and artificial light. A blue wall looks different in the morning than the night, while its intensity as a color and the shades are also affected by the way the light comes in. You need to consider the size of the openings in the room, the home’s direction, if there are trees out of the window that would affect the wall color, when bloomed. When you check out colors for your walls, always try to see them under different lightings – also, with the lights off.

home painter•   Always consider the colors of the furniture and all items in the space before you decide on the wall color. So, never choose a color because it looks good in another home or magazine. Your home is different in so many ways – hues, size, height, orientation, style…

•   Consider the size of the space in relation to what you are trying to do. For example, this may be a narrow corridor and you want to make it look wider. Avoid painting both walls dark.

•   Don’t choose a color just because you like it as a color. Red, blue, green, or black may be fantastic as the color of a dress, blouse, box, or notebook but will look entirely different on the wall.

•   Always remember that such mistakes are avoided when you work with an experienced painting contractor, someone that will give advice, samples, consultation. Someone that will know how to calculate how the sun travels and affects your home throughout the day and throughout the year – hence, help you find the right color for the expected result.

How to fix the wrong wall color?

Obviously, the most effective solution to the problem is to repaint. In fact, it’d be best to do your research about local painting contractors and so, get the professional help that you needed all along. Now, it’s more important than ever. Why? Because you already have paid once for the house painting and you are about to pay again. Plus, you need to be absolutely sure the new color will cover the existing one to your satisfaction.

Of course, there’s a chance that you cannot afford to paint the house for a second time right now. In this case, try to change the effects of the lighting indoors. How to do that? Change the drapes – get darker if there’s glare, lighter if you need to brighten up the space more. Choose new bulbs – cool and/or warm, depending on the color. You want cool light for cool colors, warm colors want warm lights. You can also change the cushion covers – any fabric that distorts the wall color. Or you can cover the wall with artwork and simply wait till you can hire a pro home painting contractor this time.

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