Monochromatic Interiors: Should You Dare or Walk Away?

Contrary to popular belief, monochromatic schemes are quite daring. They are bold statements of interiors speaking to the soul and actually involve a few layers of the same hue in a different color. Monochromatic interiors are as hard to achieve – often harder, than colorful ones. That’s because there’s often the fear of falling off the cliff of the favorite hue or ending up making a room boring. That’s also one reason why some would back away, leaving all those who dare go forward with monochromatic interior schemes.

To avoid misunderstandings, to opt for monochromatic interiors is not about daring; it’s about wanting it. It’s about making the choice to live with a color you actually love.

All the same, there’s a misconception when it comes to monochromatic painting. And it has to do with the possible dullness of such a choice – also the reason why it would drive many away. So, let’s focus on that first of all.

Monochromatic interiors are – and are not – one-color rooms

monochromatic paintingIn the literary sense of the word, monochromatic means the use of one color. But let us ask you this: is there only one blue or white or green? The truth is that each hue family – let’s say white, involves many shades of white. And this is actually what makes monochromatic schemes really interesting. Not all white or blue rooms are exactly the same. It depends on which blue or white color you choose and how you use it in the interior.

And there’s much more to monochromatic schemes.

Neutrals take the lead when it comes to monochromatic schemes

Although there are plenty of white or green colors involved in monochromatic schemes, there’s still an impression that there’s only one color in the room. And up to a point, that’s true since only one hue family dominates. Since the whole idea of monochromatic painting jobs is to create a subtle and calm environment – one that won’t be interrupted by the polyphony of intense colors, neutrals are the usual players. Not that you cannot choose blues, greens, yellows or any other color from the palette to create the one-color room of your choice, but it is not often recommended. Why? Because intense colors – even if there’s only one dominant color in the room, still create intensity in the space. Vivid colors may be extraordinary but only in small doses. A yellow room will be fun and exciting – for a month. Then it will tire you.

Monochromatic rooms are easy to decorate

paintingThen, that’s that too. With monochromatic interiors, decorating becomes easy. The one-color becomes the backdrop, the background, the basis – you can name it any way you like but you will still be talking about the same thing. That’s the canvas you can use to play with colorful items – or not. But if you do, it’s good to know that items are easy to replace. And due to their small size, they make a difference without screaming. It’s also easy to create focal points, with an accent chair that will stand out because the environment around it will be consistent thanks to the one-color and won’t steal away its glory.

Would you say yes to monochromatic interiors or walk away?

Obviously, the choice has to do with one’s personal taste. Monochromatic interiors may be usually found in minimalistic homes but that doesn’t make them boring – if that’s what’s worrying you. They are not reserved for minimalistic homes only either. After all, you can bring some textures, as long as they belong to the same hue family. And you can go a bit astray by combining a few neutrals, like whites and greys, or even blacks to make a symphony of colors that will match your taste. Because this is what matters the most.

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