Paint Swatches & Strokes on Wall: The Way to Bring the Right Color Home

Paint Swatches & Strokes on Wall: The Way to Bring the Right Color Home

Want to know a secret about a successful house interior painting? Take it slow when you choose the colors, even if you are in a hurry to get the job done quickly – especially if you want the house painting done quickly. It might sound too far stretched to you right now but selecting the color of your interior is a truly daunting task.


Because the colors in each hue are multiple – the options truly a lot and the factors affecting the finishing home painting result are plenty too.

What do you really want to achieve with this interior painting? Surely to spruce up the interior, make it fresh, clean, even look larger. But the colors you see on the tiny paint chip look different when you bring them home. Don’t you want to bring the right color home with you? Here’s what to do.

Check out plenty of colors from the paint chip

home painterIt’s very hard to understand the effects of colors judging by the microscopic paint chip. And each hue (color family) offers quite some options among colors. But what you see is not always what you get. If you pay some attention to the chip, you will see that under the cold light at the store, two colors of different hues look similar. It all has to do with the undertone of each color and under which light spectrum you look at it. So, don’t hesitate to choose quite a few colors from the chip. It may turn out that even these won’t be enough and you will have to return to the store for some more colors. Now, if you can bring these chips home with you, all the better since you will be able to get an idea of which color matches best in each room and come closer to the one you want. And still, this won’t be enough.

Get paint samples at home

What would a professional home painter do? Test the colors. Naturally, you cannot buy 30 different samples of paint colors to try them on your wall. But when you narrow down your options, do buy some paints to try them on the wall. Now, when you do that, it’s best to have the wall cleaned first, especially if you plan to paint it white.

Speaking of white, don’t make the mistake of believing that there’s one or two shades of white. There are truly plenty of whites.

Back to testing the colors on the wall. It’s the best way to see if the color looks good in your interior and so, the bigger the strokes the better you’ll understand the finishing results. Avoid making strokes of too many different colors – one next to the other. Apart from getting confused, there might be a reflection that won’t allow you to see the effects of the color indoors.

Also, if you plan to apply two or three coatings on the wall, do exactly the same with the swatches. If not, you won’t be able to see the real finishing color.

Of course, when this stage of testing colors is over and you have decided on which one to get, make sure to scrape the strokes or they will show under the painted wall.

Give the swatch a chance

house paintingGo big on your color swatches on the wall and wait. We cannot stretch enough how important this is. And it is vital for various reasons too.

•   First of all, most colors look different when they are still wet. The good news? Most of them dry fast and so, you won’t have to wait much for that. But you will have to wait for other reasons. Which ones?

•   You will have to wait to see how the colors look under different lights. The same color will look completely different in the morning, afternoon, and evening. It will look different in the bedroom or kitchen. It has to do with the natural lighting, the artificial lighting, the orientation of the house, the colors of the items, flooring, and furniture in each room. The color will look different if it rains or if it’s sunny. So, it’s best to be patient for a small period of time and see how it looks in various conditions.

•   By waiting for a few days, you also give yourself the chance to see if this is really the color you want. If it stops impressing you a few days later or it starts tiring you, it will scream a change of color. Isn’t it better to know that at this phase rather when the entire house painting will be over?

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