The Advantage of Soundproof Drywall

Soundproof drywall installation goes a long way towards a quieter home and thus some peace of mind when you strive to find a few moments to relax. It acts as the barrier that cuts down the noises coming from outside, blocks the sounds going outside, and minimizes the beating of the drums from the next room. It’s okay for your son to learn to play an instrument but not when you are trying to find some peace and quiet.

What is the soundproof drywall?

drywall installerIt’s a type of drywall. As your drywall contractor would tell, there are several types to meet different needs. Some are resistant to moisture, some work perfectly as fire retardants and then, there is soundproof drywall. What makes these types of drywall soundproof is a layer of gypsum mixed with ceramics and polymers that intend to make the board stiffer so that it will not vibrate and hence won’t let sound travel.

How does soundproof drywall work

The goal here is to reduce sounds that travel through walls or ceilings. This can be accomplished with materials that can absorb noise. The phrase you will hear a drywall installer use to describe noise absorption is ‘damping sound’. This is achieved by adding these extra materials along with gypsum to block the path of sound.

How can you use drywall to soundproof rooms?

If you are in the process of construction or a full home remodeling, a drywall company can replace walls or ceilings with soundproof boards. If you don’t intend to make such substantial changes, relax knowing that soundproof drywall can be installed over the existing drywall.

Why shouldn’t you install several standard drywall instead?

drywall serviceBecause it won’t be the same. According to drywall companies, installing a soundproof gypsum board is equivalent to installing eight standard drywall sheets. And the latter is not the best solution since they will occupy too much floor space & increase the wall’s weight while the cost of this drywall service will be high too. When it comes to ceilings, installing so many boards is not even possible due to the extra weight that will add too much load to the joists.

The benefits of soundproof drywall

The intention with the installation of soundproof drywall is to cut down noises. The benefit is that you can block noises coming in or going out. You won’t disturb neighbors and they won’t disturb you. Street noises will be blocked. If you have a nursery and want to keep it quiet, you can sound proof the room so that no unexpected noise will wake up the baby. If you want to create a music room or give your child the opportunity to learn an instrument, nobody will be annoyed by the noise. Not indoors, not outdoors. You can create a man cave to find some peace and quiet at the end of the day or a home office where nothing and no one will distract you. If there’s an elderly person who often listens to the radio or watches television with the volume really high, your neighbors won’t call the police. Soundproof drywall comes handy if you live close to the airport or in a very noise neighborhood. There are actually countless ways we get disturbed in our homes today and often we might accidentally disrupt the peace and quiet of others too. This problem can easily come to an end by simply installing a soundproof drywall. It’s as simple as that.

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