Wall and Trim Colors – The Best Paint Ideas

Even when we talk about a painting job, there are some rules to follow. Some of the unwritten rules? Walls are painted white. Trims are white. All moldings in the home should have the same color.

Well, all rules exist for some reason – some are worth following, some could be broken.

Whether you like to follow or break rules, you need to decide what color to paint walls and trims. And you need to decide whether their colors will match or not. Why is this important, you wonder? Because the right wall and trim color and the relation between trim and wall colors will set the tone inside the house – it will make or break the interior. So, let’s get down to work. Shall we?

One color for all – trims and walls

Wall and Trim Colors San Diego

There is a good reason why many people choose to paint trims and walls the same color. It’s called consistency. It’s also easy. It could be a 1-day work for a team of experienced house painters.

Painting the walls and all moldings the same color brings in some elegance and tranquility. The eye rests, the soul relaxes, and everything blends together nicely without seams.

One small secret to achieving some contrast while using the same color is to choose high gloss paint for the trims. Depending on how the light falls on the walls and trims, the sheen difference will make a lovely contrast.

Now, when we talk about one color for all walls and trims, we usually talk about white or off-white. Not that you cannot use another hue – any paint color will do. After all, the charm of painting is that there is no ‘must-do’ – only suggested paint ideas. And most painting companies suggest neutrals – with white found at the top of the list, for a bright, relaxing, happy, and soothing result.

Subtle painting contrast

Wall and Trim Colors - The Best Paint Ideas

Traditionally trims are painted white. And so, if the discussion is focused on painting contrasts, most people would seek solutions for the wall color. But that’s not necessarily the story. Trims look fantastic in white. No doubt. But they will also look fantastic if painted black, grey, or blue.

Choosing subtle painting contrasts – whether you paint the trim white or another color, is one good start – if you have been a faithful one-color-for-all person till now. The possible subtle combinations? Plenty. White trims and beige walls. White walls and light grey trims. Light grey walls and lime trims. White trims and light blue walls. Off-white walls and clay trims.

Bold color contrast

Bold color contrasts may include intense hues – like yellows and reds, or not commonly used colors, like baby green and pink. The most usual contrasts are blues, whites, blacks, and dark greys. You could paint the trims black and the walls light grey. You could have white trims and black walls or vice versa, black trims and white walls.

Two tones for both walls and trims

Then, you can play with two colors on all things. That’s the 1/3 wainscoting-paint trick. You can choose one color – something bold, perhaps, like green, grey, black, or blue for the lower part of the wall and trims, and paint white the rest – from the one-third of the wall height and above.

White walls and wooden trims

Such decisions are all subject to the trims. For example, if you have lovely wood trims and love them, why paint them? The combination of white walls and wood trims is splendid.

Will you dare use different colors for the moldings?
Wall and Trim Colors - The Best Paint Ideas

Seldom people do. Moldings in most homes have the same color – for consistency and uniformity reasons alone. A baseboard painted the same color as the wall will blend in and won’t be noticed. The wall seems longer with the baseboard painted the same color and only the crown molding painted a different color. But if this is a beautiful, tall baseboard, why hide its existence and don’t pay it a slightly different color from the wall?

As we said, there are rules in the world of painting too but only to achieve an elegant and cohesive rule. If you don’t care about that and like a playful interior, you can do whatever you want. The golden rule though says that the moldings are painted the same color. For the best results – in terms of cohesiveness and charm, even if the trims are not painted a contrasting to the wall color, they should have a warmer tone – a color slightly darker than the wall, just to stick out.

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